Connected Yoga

What poses are central to connected learning…what makes it different from what I am doing or have done in the past…which poses do I wobble between transitions and what poses do I flow between?

I like to think that I’ve become fluent in at least three of the six poses in connected learning. Poses I’m fluent in: academic-orientation, interest, and production; poses I haven’t practiced enough include: peer-support, shared purpose, and open network.

I feel like I have spent most of my (short) career developing an academically oriented classroom. After all, this is what administrators seemed to be focused on. It’s possible, and a fear of mine, to have a great looking lesson that has no substance. Basically, a lab that students play instead of observe and reflect.

From an academically oriented pose I wobbled striving to reach interest-driven curriculum. In conventional learning there are only certain points in the curriculum where interest could drive student learning. To assume this pose I am forced to redesign curriculum to be more interest driven by design, not necessarily a la carte. I wobbled for the past 2 years while designing curriculum that reflects a more organic approach to learning. I feel as though I can flow between the two, but must practice often.

I started to become more production centered when I began renovating my house. I realized after a couple years of working with my father-in-law that mentoring and coaching to build something was a special type of learning that the classroom seemed to lack. So I began each of the past two years with an ambition to structure this type of learning into my classroom. Why can’t we wire a room for a house in the classroom? Why can’t students get this one-on-one education that I was getting in my spare time? I can make this pose in my own life, but am still wobbling trying to implement this aspect of learning in my classroom.

I have only recently been exposed to utilizing networks in the classroom so this pose is not quite developed. I am looking to incorporate this aspect into my curriculum but am not sure what this pose would look like in my classroom yet.

I have been wobbling from academically-oriented to peer-supported by implementing in my classroom. By allowing students to interact with the same pieces of information they are inherently supporting each other’s work.

I have slowly been implementing shared purpose into the classroom. I have been trying to design curriculum that provides an opportunity for this interaction. Bringing in issues of hearing loss, lightning safety brings a “for public good” aspect that I interpret as shared purpose.

Still practicing poses, still wobbling, and very occasionally flowing!!!

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